At Klein Nektar we produce organically grown and hand crafted products in small batches, nothing artificial added!

See below some of our produce and goodies we grow and make on our 3-hectare organic town farm. Some of our items are available throughout they year and others are seasonal. We also like to experiment with different flavours and tend to come up with new recipes, instead of offering a set range of products. 

Please contact us if you would like to know what we currently have available. For larger orders, depending on your location, we may be able to deliver directly to you. Alternatively we can direct you to one of our selected outlets that sell our organically grown items ..... unless you would like to come and stay in our self-catering cottage or exclusive-use B&B and buy our goodies right here on the farm.

Klein Nektar 240g Black Olives

Organically Grown Black Olives

Our black olives are cured naturally over many months for best flavour & bottled in brine and olive oil only.

240g dry olives

480g dry olives

Organically Grown Green Olives

Our green olives are cured without any chemicals such as lye which is normally used in processing green olives in order to shorten the curing process. After many many months we finaly bottle them so that you can enjoy these completely natural green olives

240g dry olives

480g dry olives

Klein Nektar Unfiltered Organically Grown Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from Organically Grown Olives

Enjoy our extra virgin type olive oil made from our organically grown Mission & Frantoio olives. Hand harvested, cold pressed & unfiltered.


Organically Grown Shelled Pecan Nuts

Our organically grown Pecan nuts are a heart healthy snack food, as they are high in nutrients & antioxidants and provide long-lasting energy and goodness.


Klein Nektar Candied Orange Peel

Organically Grown Preserved Lemons

Add a punch of flavour to any dish with this fragrant organic lemon peel pickled in salt & lemon juice.

Organically Grown Preserves

We grow a variety of fruit trees on the farm and produce artisnal jams, marmelades and chutneys for our Klein Nektar Manor B&B breakfast. Contact us to see what we currenty have available in small batches.

Organically Grown Pink Grapefruit

Organically Grown Lemons & Limes

Organically Grown Kumquat

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