Klein Nektar Wine & Olive Estate is one of the most beautiful town farms on the Route 62 in the heart of the Little Karoo town called Montagu. 

When Montagu was established in 1851, the first houses built in Montagu were the heritage houses you now see along Long Street (Route 62). These properties, which extend right down to the Kingna River, are now protected by the Montagu Heritage Society so that this quaint little town will always retain it's "town farm" feeling that makes it so special.

This peaceful 3ha estate, tucked away behind the Cape Dutch Manor and surrounded by the magnificent Langeberg Mountains, feels like another place in another time. Look up at the rugged peaks and hear the cry of the resident Fish Eagles as they fly along the Kingna River. Amble through the Chardonnay vineyard, fruit orchard, and olive grove and see if you can find the Endangered Riverine Rabbit hidden in the grass.

It is hard to believe that the shops and restaurants in Montagu are only a short stroll from this tranquil estate.

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The Original Farm House

The Klein Nektar Manor House is an authentic Cape Dutch farm house built around 1860. It is one of only two examples in Montagu where the farm cellar was built under the same roof as the house. Stay in this unique heritage house and experience luxurious and romantic accommodation, ideal to celebrate a birthday, wedding anniversary or an unforgettable honeymoon.

Our Farming Principles

We practice organic and Integrated Pest Management farming solutions and therefore do not use any hard chemicals. IPM aims to manage harmful pests & diseases through the integrated use of numerous strategies, instead of using chemicals which are harmful to beneficial insects, animals & people and the environment.

The Chardonnay Vineyard

Our 1 acre Chardonnay vineyard produces about 10 tons of grapes per season. We currently sell our grapes to the Montagu Wine & Spirits Co-op (Home of the original Montagu Muscadel), but we hope to bottle our own Klein Nektar Chardonnay very soon!

The Olive Grove

Our olive grove consists of 290 olive trees. Most of them are Mission olives, which are suitable for olive oil and table olives. We cure the olives on the farm for 9-12 months in a salt brine, giving them a good amount of time to develop the flavour and texture we like. The Klein Nektar olive oil is very fragrant with a hint of lemon aroma and flavour. We like it drizzeled over our organically grown vegetables or as olive oil dip with home baked bread. 

The Fruit Orchard

We have 75 fruit trees on Klein Nektar, giving us a wide variety of fruit throughout the year. In summer we look forward to peaches, plums, pears, figs, and nectarines. In winter we enjoy the citrus fruit, including freshly squeezed orange juice, grapefruit, and lemons. Two Pecan nut trees and two Almond trees provide us with heaps of nuts, which last us most of the year.

The Herb & Vegetable Garden

We snack on organically grown sweet baby tomatoes straight from the garden (the chickens love them too) and cook up colourful dishes with beetroot, spinach, carrots, broccoli, spring onion, radishes, capsicums, lettuce etc. You just can't beat eating what you have grown in your own garden!

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